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Donate used IT equipment for a double dose of good!
Partner with our network of charities to responsibly dispose of hardware and support a worthy cause.

Declutter your office and empower a worthy cause!

Donate your surplus IT equipment to our charity partners like ITdonations, Close the Gap, Digital for Youth or the Laptopdesk.

Choose to donate the hardware itself or its residual value. Every contribution, big or small, makes a social impact. Let’s work together to give your unwanted tech a new lease on life!

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Our social impact partners:


Donate the residual value of your IT equipment to charity!

The ITdonations foundation helps businesses dispose of their outdated IT equipment in a safe and environmentally friendly way. They make it easy for companies to act responsibly, both socially and within their own operations.

This approach is popular in the business world. Companies like TomTom and Rituals trust ITdonations to handle their IT disposal. What’s more, you can donate the remaining value of your equipment to a charity of your choice.

To ITdonations
Donate IT

Close the Gap

CTG stands for Close the Gap. They aspire to bridge the digital divide because they believe that access to IT is a basic human right. IT plays such a crucial role in our current society, so much so that it has become a tool that people need to survive.

If you learn to work with IT, you gain access to an invaluable amount of information and it provides opportunities to open up on the labour market. That is why they want to make IT material more accessible so that everyone can enjoy this basic human right.

To close the Gap
Close the Gap

Digital for Youth

Digital for Youth wants to close the digital divide in Belgium virtually for children and young people between 6 and 25 years old. In collaboration with other social organizations, they strive to ensure that young people have access to IT material.

Digital for Youth want to sharpen their interest in technology and their digital skills.

To achieve their mission, Digital for Youth relies on laptop donations. For this they turn to the business world. Their goal is to collect as many written-off company laptops as possible and refurbish them.

To Digital for Youth
Digital for Youth


The Laptopdesk is a joint initiative of several foundations, with Stichting Boschuysen serving as the central application point.

Similar to other regular applications, the Laptopdesk aims to assist disadvantaged or underprivileged youth in the Netherlands through institutions, foundations, or associations.

The Laptopdesk acts as a single platform for submitting requests for laptop or tablet support and asking any related questions.

To the Laptopdesk
Digital for Youth
Gerard Aldus
‘Donate your IT equipment and make a difference for your business, charity and the environment’

Gerard Aldus, Partner of Circular IT group

Security is crucial when donating your old IT hardware.

Disposing of excess hardware securely protects your sensitive data.

We use Blancco software, a widely-certified method offering several advantages:

  • GDPR compliant
  • Report and certificate issued
  • Approved by several international security services
  • Procedures to prevent data breaches
More about data erasure
secure data erasure

Companies that have already made donations through one of our charity partners:


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