Under the European Green Deal and the European Climate Law, the EU has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050. That means reducing greenhouse gas emissions sharply in the coming decades. As an interim step towards climate neutrality, the EU has raised its ambition for 2030: CO2 emissions must be reduced by at least 55% compared to 1990 by that year.

Source: European Council.


Our goal is to make a difference with IT. We do that by doubling the lifespan of our customers' IT infrastructure with Circular IT products & services. We implement Circular IT.

With this, our customers are making a difference again with IT:
  • Free up time & budget to spend on fulfilling business needs & IT innovations;
  • Avoid E-waste and CO2 emissions to meet company sustainability goals.

We want to work in every
area of circular
IT to make a difference:

Reduce = Extend life cycle of hardware
Re-use = Refurbish
Recycle = IT Asset Disposition

Our long-term environmental, social & governance ambitions are:

  • 100% green energy by 2023
  • 100% circular by 2023, including circular reporting
  • Official carbon offsetting in 2025 via
    lifetime extension of ICT hardware
  • Being climate neutral by 2025
  • Increase diversity

We use the following
ladder of circularity: