IT donate

Donate your business hardware and come full circle

Is your IT equipment in need of replacement or surplus? Then donate the residual value of your old business hardware to a charity of your choice.

ITdonations Foundation, an initiative of Circular IT group, makes it easy, transparent and secure.

Join and donate
  • Choose your own charity
  • Complete route
  • Makes CSR easy
  • Includes secure data removal
We are committed to a world where we make conscious decisions about how we use technology. Even after we no longer use it ourselves . We break the vicious cycle of IT as a disposable product and make IT truly circular.

Donate in 4 steps

Want to get rid of your business hardware and donate the residual value to charity? At ITdonations, it works very simply:

1. A quick discussion

Fill out the application form and then ITdonations will contact you. We will then explain everything to you. Upon approval, we'll get started.

2. Pick up and loading

We make a collection appointment and carefully record all assets. We remove all data 100% securely with certificate and take care of further processing of the equipment.

3. Everything neatly on paper

You will then receive a comprehensive report. This will state which equipment has been turned in and the residual value associated with it.

4. Donate to charity

Finally, we arrange payment to the charity. Of course, you will receive confirmation of receipt by the charity.

Already 3+ million euros donated to more than 200 charities

ITdonations' approach is widely appreciated in the business world. Organizations such as Rituals, ING, TomTom and Aegon choose ITdonations as the party to which they entrust the disposal of their IT equipment. Moreover, they can donate to a charity of their own choice.

These charities, among others, have received donations through ITdonations.

Food Bank
Clini Clowns
Plan International
ALS Foundation

ITdonations Foundation has ANBI status and is known to the tax authorities as a charity.

100% secure data removal

Security is essential to ITdonations when disposing of your excess hardware. Therefore, 100% secure data disposal is guaranteed. We do this using Blancco software, a certified method with a number of advantages:

  • AVG/GDPR compliant
  • Reporting and certificates
  • Approved by the AIVD
  • Data breach prevention procedure

"In daily practice, I saw that more and more organizations had problems with the safe and responsible disposal of discarded IT equipment. At the same time, there was a great desire to do business in a way that was also valuable to society. That led to the establishment of the ITdonations Foundation in 2007."

Gerard Aldus, partner of Circular IT group