May 13, 2024

Press release 2023 CSRD Impact Report

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Circular IT Group’s CSRD Report highlights progress in sustainable IT industry

Zoetermeer, 30 May. Leading the charge in sustainable IT solutions, Circular IT group is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural 2023 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and Directive (CSRD) Impact Report, “Road to a circular future”. This document marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainability and the circular economy within the IT sector.

Maarten de Roos, CEO of Circular IT group, reflects on the report’s significance: “Together with our customers and partners, Circular IT group is on a transformative journey towards sustainable IT. This report showcases how we empower our customers and partners in their transition to circular IT. CITg focusses on four key principles: using less, using better, using for longer, and closing the loop on resources.

This report isn’t just a reflection; it’s a roadmap to circularity. By identifying areas for improvement, it guides our future focus. We hope it inspires our customers and partners to join us on this journey. We remain committed to continuous improvement and making a positive impact” says de Roos.

The full 2023 CSRD Report is available for download at our company’s website: We warmly invite our stakeholders, partners, and the community at large to discover the significant strides we are making towards a sustainable and resilient future.

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About Circular IT group

Circular IT group assists customers daily in maximising the value of IT hardware. We achieve this by extending the life span of IT hardware through Device as a Service, ITAD, rental, refurbishing, repair, and recommerce, all while minimising electronic waste, alleviating critical resource depletion, and reducing both global CO₂ emissions and environmental impact. Circular IT group champions circularity, future-proof connectivity, and both social and digital inclusion.

With its comprehensive range of services and products, Circular IT group supports over 10,000 customers globally, including organizations, resellers, service providers, and consumers. The group’s headquarters are located in Zoetermeer, with additional offices in Amsterdam, Nieuwegein (Netherlands), Kontich (Belgium), Allerød (Denmark), Glasgow (United Kingdom) and Singapore.

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