February 21, 2024

Hoogesteger opts for NEG’s DaaS360 solution

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Hoogesteger is European market leader in making fresh, cold-pressed juices from fruits and vegetables. Hoogesteger has chosen a modern workplace with equipment (laptops and smartphones) based on DaaS360 (Device as a Service) from NEG-ITSolutions to provide its own employees in production and in the office with a workplace that suits them best.

What is DaaS360?

NEG’s DaaS360 is a sophisticated IT Lifecycle Management solution for the entire lifecycle of end-user personal devices (including laptops, smartphones, tablets). From procurement, deployment, management to replacement and responsible disposal. DaaS360 focuses on the optimal and sustainable deployment of devices, unburdening the IT department and, last but not least, optimising the user experience.

DaaS360 makes the everyday business of an IT department and its end users a lot easier

IT manager Ronald Hoogeboom: “We arranged almost everything around the workplace ourselves with the result that not every device was the same and did not work the same. That also makes your administration a lot harder. It is virtually impossible for a small IT department, which deliberately does not specialise in standard IT services, to ensure with its own people that services are delivered ‘fresh’, just like our Hoogesteger range, every day, six days a week, inside and outside regular business hours throughout the year. It caused varying user experiences during use and when resolving disruptions.”

Lifecycle management personal devices outsourced

“Our administration (CMDB) also did not meet all requirements. Despite our good intentions, ‘doing everything ourselves’ became a bit confusing. Hoogesteger therefore chose to outsource the IT lifecycle management of its personal devices to NEG-ITSolutions. With DaaS360, our users get a higher and more constant level of quality. That fits perfectly with the quality of our juices,” says Ronald.


As part of Corporate Social Responsibility, Hoogesteger attaches great importance to dealing properly with residual products and IT waste, just as with its own products. NEG-ITSolutions contributes to this by reusing as much IT equipment as possible after data removal. Often, IT equipment is given a second life via the ITdonations foundation, for example. If there really is no other way, IT equipment is recycled in an environmentally responsible way and converted into as many reusable raw materials as possible.


“Our IT department is literally next to production and close to the office, so we hear immediately if we are doing well or not. An office workplace is different from a production workplace. Therefore, we have standardised and administered the digital working environment based on a number of so-called employee profiles for office and production. For us, a profile stands for a group of employees who have similar needs for IT. All this is aimed at improving user experience and complying with the latest laws and regulations,” Ronald explains.

The entire lifecycle management of user hardware is supported and made transparent by NEG’s Digital Deploy portal, which is completely tailored to Hoogesteger’s profiles. “This gives us up-to-date insight into our lifecycle management, which provides a solid basis for our future ESG reporting in relation to our IT hardware circularity targets.”

Hoogesteger opts for NEG's DaaS360 solution
"I think Apple-Pear-Raspberry is one of our best flavour combinations."

Ronald Hoogeboom, IT manager


This juice is also a metaphor for our new digital working environment. Apple stands for NEG’s configured laptops: modern, sturdy, and stable. Pear stands for the standard Microsoft environments: softer and bulky. Raspberry stands for our proprietary workstation environment ‘Daily Drive’, manageable clear parts. With ‘Apple-Pear-Raspberry’, we make our IT simpler: step by step. And so, step by step, our services and products become a little better every day.

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