March 19, 2024

NWO opts for more grip and user experience with DaaS360 from NEG

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The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is an independent governing body for science funding. The organisation has around 800 employees in The Hague and Utrecht. The workplace hardware no longer met the requirements in terms of performance and was difficult to manage. This led to a lower user experience.

Using a European tender, the NWO chose DaaS360, a Device-as-a-Service solution from NEG-ITSolutions, part of Circular IT group. This solution offers NWO a modern user experience, improved security and lower IT costs.

“We bought hardware that would soon, within three years, be inadequate in terms of performance. A jumble of cables and boxes didn’t make things easier for us either. As a result, we brought the problems upon ourselves. Moreover, increasing performance problems and more and more incidents are not really beneficial to the user experience,” says Ben Gorter of NWO.

More control, higher availability, more satisfied users

With DaaS360 and Digital Deploy’s Lifecycle Management software, we increase our control over and insight into workplace hardware, allowing us to use it more effectively. This includes the entire process: from consulting and procurement to full usage and proactive management and recording of the hardware throughout its lifecycle.

This leads to better compliance and more satisfied employees. Moreover, this process ensures that NWO uses its investments optimally. Ben stresses, “The 100% certified erasure of data from data carriers in end-of-life hardware is crucial for NWO. We absolutely want to prevent our data falling into the wrong hands.”

NEG-ITSolutions ensures higher hardware availability with DaaS360. “With its DaaS360, NEG has a suitable service model with which we can also make our ESG goals in terms of hardware measurable and achieve them together. A nice next step in our cooperation that matches NWO’s wishes to make IT as sustainable as possible,” said Ben Gorter.

NWO puts its employees, circularity and compliance first. With NEG’s DaaS360, employees get a workplace that seamlessly matches their individual tasks and is designed around carefully crafted personas. This approach ensures that employees can work effortlessly within a secure and sustainable environment, while also controlling the entire life cycle of the workplace hardware. This ensures more satisfied employees. This is why DaaS360 fits perfectly into NWO’s desired picture: user experience first!

Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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