September 20, 2022

Press release takeover TellusRem

Zoetermeer, 20 September 2022 – TellusRem will become part of Circular IT group. TellusRem is a niche player in keyboard printing based in Denmark, providing keyboard solutions throughout Europe. Together with Circular IT Group, TellusRem will focus on accelerating growth in the coming years by strengthening its proposition.


As a concept TellusRem has chosen to focus on the laptop industry. The company’s products and services, whether they are for the refurbishment market or for new products, aim to help businesses erase the barriers they face when selling their products cross borders. TellusRem offers businesses flexibility by applying any language layout on any laptop keyboard and in an ever changing world with supply chain challenges, the company helps customers to be flexible.

Expansion of offering with the perfect keyboard for every laptop

The combined group of TellusRem and Circular IT Group will be able to offer its clients a ready-to-use laptop, including a keyboard customized to every possible preference. With its product and service offerings, the Circular IT Group now serves more than 10,000 customers worldwide, from business end-users, to service providers and consumers. The group has its headquarters in Zoetermeer, with additional locations in Almere, Amersfoort, Allerød (Denmark) and Singapore. A total of 150 FTEs work for the group.

Morten Hvitved, founder of TellusRem: “I am extremely excited about this for TellusRem, my colleagues and for myself. Together with the Circular IT Group we have the resources to realize all the potential I see in the market. I am proud of what we have achieved together thus far, and expect there is much more to come.”

Jean-Pierre Verhoeven, interim CEO Circular IT group: “The right keyboard is a small but crucial part of a refurbished laptop, and TellusRem is one of few companies able to provide the right service. I am therefore happy that TellusRem and Morten have joined our group, and look forward to working with him and his colleagues in the future.”

About Circular IT group

Circular IT group works daily to support customers to optimize the value of ICT hardware. We do this by optimizing the lifetime of ICT hardware, Hardware as a Service, rental, refurbishing, repair, recommerce, minimizing e-waste, reducing critical resource consumption, reducing global CO₂ emissions and reducing the negative impact on biodiversity. The Circular IT Group supports circularity, future-proof connectivity, social and digital inclusion.

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