IT services for your organization

If a used IT product is no longer refurbishable, it will be recycled. But you may also choose to have depreciated IT hardware destroyed for safety reasons. The disposal of IT products must then comply with legislation such as the WEEE and AEFA. We comply with these requirements. It is especially important that the critical raw materials are extracted from the IT components as well as possible. We have agreements with certified companies for this.
Recycling is the reuse of materials. With recycling, you avoid having to produce new parts, which among other things conserves resources and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling is not the same as reusing products. At Cirres we separate and sort all parts in designated containers. For example, parts such as cables, circuit boards and hard drives are separated into different containers and transported to a certified company. This company further processes these products so they can eventually be offered again as raw materials for new products. The disposal of used IT goods must comply with various environmental laws such as WEEE and AEFA. Cirres complies with these legislations. Let us arrange your IT recycling so your organization complies with these requirements.
A refurbished product is a refurbished product that has been brought back to near-new condition. This is done by one of our many IT Experts. We clean the equipment inside and out. Then we do a thorough technical check where we repair or replace what doesn't work. All old data is certified deleted. All software is upgraded. Then we determine the grade of the IT hardware (Grade A+, A or B) and it goes into the sale.
Circular IT Group believes it is important that ICT is reused. Therefore, we purchase large lots from companies and agencies. We take care of the disposal, inventory, asset registration and certified datawiping of your depreciated ICT equipment. The Circular IT Group guarantees you a market-based residual value.
The process is simple: Based on your specifications, we can provide an indicative valuation in advance. Upon receipt, your IT equipment will be tested at our facility. We base the final price on this. Is there defective and unsaleable IT equipment? Then we offer this to registered recycling companies.

Your data is vital to your organization. That is why it is important that it is expertly removed during the refurbish process. We do this with our certified Wipe-Drive software. This wiping can be done in our protected warehouse, or at your location.

Certified data wiping means that you receive a certificate stating that confidential data and files have been permanently destroyed from your devices. Certified wiping means wiping according to European and/or global standards. This is fully compliant with the new AVG Legislation etc.

The members of Circular IT Group specialize in managing contract stocks. We have ample safety stocks because we do this for many different clients. This allows us to quickly deliver any desired product from stock. Moreover, we do so at competitive prices because we purchase large volumes.
We have a common warehouse of 7,000 m2. In it, thousands of different spare parts of many well-known brands are continuously in stock. Especially HP and Cisco are strongly represented.
IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is a term that revolves around reusing, recycling, repurposing, repairing or disposing of unwanted IT equipment in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Of importance here is also determining the value of your old IT hardware. Our procurement experts help you determine a fair market value.
As organizations grow and technology improves, IT hardware must be renewed. However, finding a new home for used IT equipment such as servers or storage is difficult. Often the equipment needs to be repaired. In other cases, there is very little demand for the hardware. Although the replaced hardware can always be recycled, it can be expensive.
IT Asset Recovery is the process of maximizing the value of unused or discarded assets through effective reuse or disposal.
Reverse Logistics is the process of returning products from the end user to the manufacturer or distributor for recovery, repair, recycling or disposal. Circular IT Group can help you with this.
Hardware-as-a-service (HaaS) is a model where the IT hardware remains owned by the vendor and used by the end customer. A service level agreement (SLA) is agreed upon between the two parties, outlining responsibilities. At the end of the contract, the hardware is delivered back to the supplier.
Are you looking for laptops, desktops, servers on storage for a short period of time because you are hosting an event or training? Then consider renting IT hardware. This is much more environmentally friendly and cheaper than buying the necessary hardware.