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Who are we?

The Circular IT group was founded in 2022 by a combination of two Dutch organizations: Maxicom IT Distribution and Aliter Networks. It was later joined by NEG Group, IRENT, TellusRem, CTG Circular and emXcore.

The group offers Circular IT solutions, aimed at extending the life of IT assets and thus minimising the negative impact of the IT value chain on the environment and (critical) raw material consumption. The group offers services such as the removal and destruction of end-of-life IT assets, secure data removal, repair, refurbishment, distribution, installation and resale of short-life IT equipment.

The group serves more than 10,000 B2B customers worldwide and offers a full IT hardware product portfolio ranging from IT infrastructure to workstation and mobility equipment. Through its refurbished products, the group offers its customers attractively priced offerings while minimizing IT's environmental footprint. The group has offices and warehouses in Zoetermeer, Amersfoort, Almere, Amsterdam, Nieuwegein, Allerød (Denmark), Mechelen (Belgium) and Singapore and has approximately 350 FTEs.

Our management

Maarten de Roos
Maarten de Roos


Wilco van Bezooijen
Wilco van Bezooijen



We are doing everything we can to support society in the transition to circular IT


Making circular IT the standard way of working