Joiners and leavers

Our Device as a Service (DaaS) stands out by offering seamless and safe support for personnel changes within your organisation.

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Seamless Support for Joiners and Leavers with our DaaS

The onboarding of new employees (joiners) and the transition of departing staff (leavers) are effortlessly managed with our DaaS solution, presenting a substantial advantage for your IT operations.

Effortless Onboarding

Welcome new team members with ready-to-use devices, pre-configured to meet their roles and responsibilities.

Secure Offboarding

Protect your data and intellectual property when employees leave by ensuring a secure and comprehensive data wipe from their devices.

Flexible Allocation:

Easily reassign or repurpose devices as your team evolves, ensuring no resource is left idle.

Cost effective

Minimize unnecessary expenditure on new devices with our dynamic allocation system tailored for joiners and leavers.


Reduce the time IT spends on setting up and decommissioning devices, allowing a focus on strategic tasks.

Agile and responsive-

By incorporating our DaaS into your IT strategy, you gain an agile and responsive approach to workforce changes and maintain continuity.

Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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