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Rent your IT equipment for as long or as short as you need.

Got an emergency? We can deliver your complete IT infrastructure in just 2 hours.

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Flexible rental

Circumstances change quickly, so your IT needs to be able to as well. Renting IT or hardware offers the perfect solution in a variety of situations:

  • IT migration
  • More project capacity or computing power temporarily needed
  • Support during cloud transition
  • Coverage during extended delivery time
  • Escalation or calamity
  • Demo
  • Proof of Concept (PoF)
  • Try and buy
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Leasen citg
circular it group
IT Rental
it lifecycle services citg
Leasen citg
circular it group
IT Rental
it lifecycle services citg

Tailor-made solutions

From one day to multiple years, we have a rental solution for every situation. You can scale up or down whenever you need to – no problem.

Server rental

We have a wide range of servers to rent in stock and can provide an immediate solution appropriate to your specific IT environment in the event of an escalation.
Rent a server

Storage rental

Gathering data and making it available is critical to your business continuity. We provide immediate, reliable access t from a few terabytes to as many petabytes of storage for rent as needed and deliver custom solutions for every situation – from escalations to planned IT projects.
Rent a storage server

Network switch rental

Ensure a seamless networking experience, even during relocations or to cover temporary storage and server needs. Rent campus, core or SAN switches with ease for optimal availability.
Rent a network switch

IT Rental services

At CITg, we don't just rent IT equipment, we also offer a range of additional services. We can help you choose the right equipment, ensure that it functions optimally, and provide support in case of problems.
IT Rental Services

The sustainable choice

Renting IT equipment is a circular solution to cover temporary needs. We will get the maximum possible use out of IT equipment, through maintenance, repair, upgrades or reuse. This will extend its lifecycle and cut down on e-waste.

Extend Lifecycle Management
sustainable repair

FAQ IT Rental

  • What are the advantages of renting IT?

    IT renting is the circular solution for a temporary shortage, for emergencies or in the long term. With Try and Buy, you can test which equipment suits your organisation best and with our additional services you are always sure of the right server, storage and network solutions. Scaling up and down is always possible thanks to our large stock of IT equipment.

  • What happens to data on rented equipment?

    According to current European data protection regulations (GDPR), as a processing organisation you are responsible for erasing data. Therefore, CITg wipes as standard all data on rented hardware that is returned in a certified manner and you will receive a certificate as proof of 100% safe data erasure. Your data cannot be retrieved after this and our IT equipment can be reused.

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Circular IT Expert

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