IT Rental Services

Flexible hardware support for a (full or partial) rented IT infrastructure. Tailor-made for your organisation.

Flexible services

Because we stock complete IT infrastructures (servers, storage, networking and appliances) as well as spare parts in large numbers, we resolve incidents quickly. Compared to vendor support, we can offer this more flexibly and cheaply.

Our support engineers can be on site within four hours, depending on the SLA. As a result, your business processes are quickly resumed.

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Cyber Incident Response

During an IT migration, you can minimise downtime. A disaster or Cyber Incident, however, has major consequences. When this happens, you are usually not prepared for it and the damage increases further. With our Cyber Incident Response, we provide tailor-made servers, storage, network equipment and appliances within a few hours, limiting the damage.

To guarantee the best uptime, you enter into SLAs in which you cover as many risks as possible. The most common causes of cyber incidents are phishing, malware, ransomware, unpatched software, insecure passwords, human error and vulnerabilities in software.

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Cyber Incident Response plan in 6 phases

IT Rental Services


Preparatory work is done to ensure that the organisation is well prepared for a cyber attack. This includes drafting policies, procedures and staff training.

IT Rental Services

Detection and analysis

Signs of a possible cyber attack are looked at. This could include detecting unusual network activity.

IT Rental Services


The damage caused by the cyber attack is mitigated by isolating infected systems and shutting down access to the network.

IT Rental Services


The nature of the attack and the extent of the damage are investigated.

IT Rental Services


Systems are restored and made operational again. This includes, for example, restoring backups and patching vulnerabilities.

IT Rental Services


Afterwards, the events of the attack are reviewed and what can be learned to better prepare the organisation for future attacks.

Management and maintenance

Delegate the management and maintenance of your IT infrastructure to a specialised party without any worries. Not only will this allow your organisation to fully focus on its core business, you will also save your IT department time and money.

Our IT experts closely monitor your IT infrastructure and ensure that everything functions optimally. Our specific tooling allows us to quickly detect disruptions, ensuring that your IT environment always performs.

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Data wiping and destruction

Your devices, our concern

Prevent data breaches and receive reports and the necessary certificates for data destruction. Contact us to discuss options and schedule an appointment.

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Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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