IT Asset Disposition - ITAD in Belgium

At the heart of the circular economy, we, your trusted partner in Belgium, are ready to help with IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services such as data disposal, hardware buyback and sales. Our circular IT services are designed to maximise the value of your IT investments.


IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

We are experts in the responsible buyout and disposal of your IT equipment (IT-Asset Disposition), in full compliance with Belgian environmental regulations and data protection standards.

We ensure that all data on your IT devices is erased or destroy the data carriers with our shredder. If there really is no other way, we recycle the material to obtain as much reusable raw material as possible.

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Buying and selling hardware

As an experienced and expert hardware buyer, we offer you attractive compensation for your surplus IT equipment.

We are interested in buying up various types of IT equipment, including laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones, servers, storage and networking equipment.

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IT Lifecycle Management (ILM)

IT Lifecycle Management for the sustainable purchase, use, management and renewal of your IT hardware.

By optimally purchasing, using and reusing IT equipment, you significantly extend the lifespan of hardware.

The environmentally-friendly choice for your organisation, while saving costs at the same time.

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Why choose our circular IT and ITAD services?

Reducing environmental impact

Using our ITAD and circular IT services will help you reduce your company's carbon footprint in Belgium.

Cost savings and efficiency

Reduce your costs. With our unique approach, we ensure efficient use and reuse of your IT equipment. By buying back old IT equipment at the end of its life cycle, we reduce your IT costs.

Sustainability and compliance

Our Circular IT and ITAD services promote sustainability and regulatory compliance, optimise resources and minimise environmental impacts for businesses.
Didier Appels

Didier Appels

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