12 oktober 2023

JAS Worldwide

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Founded in 1978 in Milan (Italy), and headquartered in Atlanta (USA), JAS has evolved from its regional roots into one of the world’s largest family-owned logistics companies. With a presence over 100 countries and a dedicated team of more than 7.000 professionals, JAS offers its clients a wide range of logistics solutions, encompassing all modes of transportation, contract logistics, and advanced digital-driven supply chain services.

  • Section: Logistics
  • Location: Singapore
  • Size: 4.000


JAS is in the logistics business and faces intense cost competition when offering 3PL (third party logistics) services to its customers, such as warehousing.

When JAS receives the contract, it is also under time pressure to deliver a functional warehouse to the customer within the stipulated timeframe, or face liquidated damages.

JAS wanted to save cost and meet sustainability goals by using refurbished wireless access points (WAPs).

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Aliter Networks, part of Circular IT group, is an expert at sourcing and providing end of sale / life equipment. We helped JAS to complete their warehouse setup on time and within budget by providing them with refurbished WAPs at an attractive price point, covered by a lifetime warranty.



By purchasing refurbished WAPs, JAS was able to control costs and avoid long lead times associated with buying new equipment. The refurbished WAPs were also covered by Aliter Networks’ Advanced Replacement Lifetime Warranty (ARLW), which meant that JAS could receive replacements first (advanced replacement) without having to wait for a repair – and JAS can enjoy this entitlement for life (lifetime warranty).

Circulaire IT Expert

Circulaire IT Expert

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