March 18, 2024

PCI and Circular IT group announce strategic partnership

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Lijnden, the Netherlands – 18 March 2024 – PCI Nederland B.V. (PCI) and Circular IT Holding B.V. (Circular IT group) today took a significant step in promoting sustainability within the IT sector by announcing a strategic partnership. This collaboration is aimed at jointly bringing circular IT services and goods to market.

Within this partnership, Circular IT group will facilitate a portfolio of refurbished hardware, which will be sold by PCI under the name PCI Greenline. This will enable PCI to offer a portfolio of refurbished hardware of premium brands and absolute A-quality. Initially, the partnership will focus on product categories such as computers and mobile devices, with plans to expand this to include Audiovisual solutions and, if required, network, server and storage solutions in the future.

According to Bas Kamphuis, CEO of PCI, the organisations fit together seamlessly. “The synergy is not only noticeable in the complementary product categories and service portfolio, but also in our shared commitment to quality assurance, wanting to work with the right certifications, optimising processes and the ambition to keep innovating. All with one common goal in mind: realising satisfied customers.”

Maarten de Roos, CEO of Circular IT group, sees the partnership with PCI as an opportunity to implement sustainability across the IT sector. “PCI has already embedded sustainability in the printing industry. Together, we can extend this approach to the IT industry as a whole. From computing and AV to smartphones and server, storage and networking solutions, and this for customers in both the public and private domain, from 250 to 20,000 workstations. Together, we can give concrete substance to our customers’ ESG goals.”

Sander van der Velden, CCO of PCI, emphasises the growing demand for sustainable IT solutions. “The market increasingly demands sustainable IT solutions, but not at any price. Thanks to this collaboration, we can offer sustainable solutions that are cost-efficient and contribute to reducing the carbon footprint, always putting safety, security and compliance first.”

PCI CITg partnership

This collaboration enables PCI to respond to the increasing demand for more sustainable IT solutions and facilitates joint efforts in procurement processes, where Circular IT group will act as a provider of Lifecycle Management services and refurbished hardware. In this way, PCI and Circular IT group will offer a unique portfolio of services and solutions that enable customers to become more sustainable efficiently.

On 1 January 2024, the cooperation, entered into for the period of three years, has already started with regard to offering a refurbished hardware portfolio. The cooperation on procurement will start on 1 July 2024.

Bas Kamphuis, Maarten de Roos, and Sander van der Velden expressed their enthusiasm for the cooperation, based on both the commercial opportunities and the positive impact on the IT sector and the environment.

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