Acquisition options

Acquisition options

We offer the most flexible IT hardware ownership options, so you can always meet the needs and budget of your organisation.

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as a Service

The best IT hardware for your organisation at a fixed monthly price, with all services included. Clear costs you can count on.

As a Service usage aligns with the principles of the circular economy by maximizing the utility of devices and minimizing e-waste.

IT Lifecycle Management


Take full ownership, without any time limits or recurring costs.

Buying IT hardware offers clear financial gains: reduced long-term expenses, asset appreciation and budget certainty.



Rent IT equipment temporarily for seamless operations and transitions. Stay agile without breaking the bank.

IT Rental


Leasing IT hardware offers financial flexibility, improves cash flow and potential tax benefits, and optimises financial management for your businesses.


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Embrace circular IT

Show your employees and customers that your company embraces circular IT and cares about the environment and their future.

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DaaS or Lease?

Looking to scale your IT infrastructure but not sure whether to lease or go for "as-a-service" options? Understanding the key differences between the two can save you time, money and hassle.
Device as a service citg

Device as a Service

  • You rent the hardware and it is not put down on your balance sheet
  • The leasing company is responsible for maintenance and management
  • The monthly costs are deductible from revenue
  • More affordable than financial leasing due to calculation costs

Circular IT hardware

Lease (financial lease)

  • You own the hardware after the lease term expires
  • You are responsible for maintenance and management yourself
  • You are eligible for investment deduction
  • Higher costs and uncertainty about residual value


We are introducing an improved way of IT ownership. With our IT Lifecycle Management, we offer various forms of procurement, from purchase to lease for the sustainable deployment of your IT equipment.

Personal Computing

Discover a range of new and circular laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets all in one place. Choose sustainability without compromise.
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Servers & Storage

Trust our reliable, flexible server and storage solutions for secure data management, ensuring a solid, cost-effective solution and a more sustainable future.
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Networking Infrastructure

Explore our selection of refurbished networking solutions from top brands like Juniper, Arista and Cisco. We’ll find a sustainable and reliable solution for your network.
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