Why rent IT?

IT renting is a flexible & sustainable IT solution, bringing peace of mind and continuity to organisations. Save your IT department costs and time, too.

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Reasons for renting IT

  • Demo
    A demo allows you to test the new IT environment first, so you can be sure the equipment meets all your requirements. As an official demo pool partner of renowned vendors such as HPE, Nutanix, NVIDIA, Dell EMC, Lenovo and IBM, we have an extensive stock of equipment that you can test in your home the very next day.
  • Proof of Concept (PoC)
    A Proof of Concept gives you the opportunity to explore the technological possibilities, and to assess through a use case whether the systems fit your organisation's unique IT print. This allows you to test server, storage, network equipment or appliances without further obligations.
  • Try and Buy
    Would you like to try out server, storage or network equipment before buying? This way, you can test whether the equipment meets your needs. Try and Buy is usually not an option with server, storage and network equipment vendors. Fortunately, we can facilitate Try and Buy via rental.
  • Bridging delivery times
    It is time for new server, storage or network equipment. Unfortunately, this often involves a long delivery time (due to chip shortages) or a tender process required to purchase the equipment. However, the new equipment is needed immediately, for example because the IT capacity or performance now requires expansion. In that case, renting a temporary IT solution to bridge the gap offers a solution.
  • IT migration
    An IT migration can require considerable capacity. Do you want to minimise the risk of downtime and stay up and running during an IT migration? Renting systems contributes to this and removes these potential risks.
  • Temporary IT capacity
    Sometimes the demand from your organisation or IT environment is temporary, or cannot be estimated in terms of time. In that case, purchasing is not an option. Renting server, storage or network equipment is ideal for efficiently bridging peak times, for instance.
  • Calamity or escalation
    No matter how well you have your affairs in order, unforeseen situations cannot be ruled out. Your systems are unexpectedly down, storage capacity fills up faster than anticipated, or you may have been hit by ransomware or malware. We make sure you have a replacement and secure IT environment in place within hours, which you can rent for as short or long as you wish.
  • Cloud transition
    Once the intention to move to the cloud is on the agenda, a radical transition period often follows. You don't want to permanently buy the extra capacity or support you need during this short period. By renting a temporary IT environment, you can keep all processes running and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

Express delivery possible

In the event of an escalation/calamity or ransomware, we will ensure you have a replacement IT environment in place within hours.

A tailor-made solution

For as long and as much as you want. We offer temporary solutions that perfectly match your needs.

Global delivery

Circular IT group takes that extra step to help you. Global delivery is no problem for us.

Frequently asked questions about renting IT

  • What are the advantages of renting IT?

    IT renting is the circular solution for a temporary shortage, for emergencies or in the long term. With Try and Buy, you can test which equipment suits your organisation best and with our additional services you are always sure of the right server, storage and network solutions. Scaling up and down is always possible thanks to our large stock of IT equipment.

  • What happens to data on rented equipment?

    According to current European data protection regulations (GDPR), as a processing organisation you are responsible for erasing data. Therefore, CITg wipes as standard all data on rented hardware that is returned in a certified manner and you will receive a certificate as proof of 100% safe data erasure. Your data cannot be retrieved after this and our IT equipment can be reused.

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