Whether you want to buy, lease, rent or opt for as-a-service, we streamline your IT hardware procurement. We will guide you in choosing the most environmentally friendly and cost-efficient IT infrastructure that perfectly meets your needs.


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One-stop solution

From expert advice to flexible financing options and effortless procurement. We are your one-stop solution for IT equipment procurement.

Aspect advice

We will help you select sustainable IT equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Flexible financing options

The best match for every budget, every time. Whatever your needs, we’ll find a cost-effective solution.

Choosing made easy

Your users easily choose their laptop, tablet, smartphone and related accessories in the webshop.

Effortless procurement

From initial enquiry to delivery, the complete process is recorded and can be tracked online. All in complete transparency.


See how much you’ll save

Discover how much CO₂ and e-waste your organisation can save with circular IT. And see what cost savings that could mean for you.

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Press release 2023 CSRD Impact Report

Zoetermeer, 30 May. Leading the charge in sustainable IT solutions, Circular IT group is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural 2023 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and Directive (CSRD) Impact Report, "Road to a circular future". This document marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainability and the circular economy within the IT sector.

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