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Nowadays you are flooded with options when purchasing IT equipment, when it comes to service and circularity. It seems logical to extend the lifespan of IT hardware and it is not always necessary to purchase new IT hardware. This saves a lot of CO₂ emissions.

Indicate below which hardware (personal computing or networking, server & storage) you are interested in and use the calculator to see how much you can save if you purchase circular IT hardware or extend its lifespan.


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Calculate your impact

The best IT equipment for end users. It is often cheaper not to purchase new IT hardware without service, but to opt for circular solutions. This can save a lot of CO2 emissions, E-waste and energy. Use the calculator to find out what this means for you:

1) Select your IT equipment

Choose the IT hardware that you want to offer to end users. Please note that availability varies by condition (e.g. brand new devices may not be available as refurbished). Our tool shows all available options.

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2) Select your desired degree of circularity

Choose the degree of circularity you want. Our calculator adjusts the hardware selection to best match your chosen degree of circularity.

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2) Choose your preference

Choose your service level

(optional) Modify baseline devices

You can optionally change the baseline model. For example, see the impact of comparing a refurbished laptop to a next-generation new laptop.

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