October 04, 2023

Your old laptops can change someone’s life

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Digitalisation is becoming increasingly important in our lives. More and more things we can manage online. But not everyone has the digital skills, equipment or internet to participate. This is a shame, because participating in the digital world is no longer a luxury, but a must.

Affordable electronics

One way to bridge the digital divide is to provide affordable electronics. If people have access to cheap, used computers, laptops and tablets, they can develop the necessary digital skills and participate online. Affordable electronics can lower the threshold for people in poverty and other vulnerable groups. They will be better able to apply for benefits or permits, manage their banking affairs, look up medical information or even apply for a job.

We would like to work together to contribute to this. That is why we offer computers at fair rates. This way, even people with a tight wallet can get started with digital skills.

Do you want to help?

Your outdated laptops can change someone’s life. Organisations can donate used laptops. We refurbish them to ensure that all data is 100% certified and securely removed. Then we make sure they get to people who desperately need them via social partners. Through social enterprise Close the Gap, they end up in educational, medical and social projects in developing and emerging countries.

So give your old laptop a second life and help someone get a better future.

CTG Circular

Is the IT equipment really no longer usable? Then we can collect the equipment from you, remove the data 100% certified and safe, and calculate the residual value for you. You can donate it to the charity of your choice via the ITdonations foundation, an initiative of Circular IT group.


Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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