October 04, 2023

The circular economy: the solution to e-waste

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E-waste, or electronic waste, is a rapidly growing problem worldwide. It consists of discarded electrical and electronic devices, such as computers, phones, and TVs. This waste often contains valuable resources, such as metals, plastics, and rare earth metals. However, it also often contains harmful substances, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, which can harm the environment and health.

Our circular IT approach maximizes the lifespan of your IT. This helps you reduce costs and, more importantly, a mountain of electronic waste.

Six ways that IT Lifecycle Management contributes to the circular economy:

  1. Product lifecycle management: We ensure that devices are properly managed from the moment we receive them until they are no longer useful.
  2. Efficient use: Our solutions help you to use devices more efficiently, so that you don’t purchase too many devices or leave them unused.
  3. Upgrades and updates: By keeping devices up-to-date and repairing them when necessary, we ensure that they last longer. This means that you don’t have to replace devices as often.
  4. Reusability and refurbishing: After your Lifecycle Management subscription, you can return the devices to us. We refurbish them, upgrade them, and sell or lease them to others. This helps them last longer and we save the environment together.
  5. Flexibility and scalability: We offer solutions that can be adapted and scaled up when needed, such as when you start working from home. Our devices are set up and ready to use, wherever you are.
  6. Materials recycling and data cleanup: Even if a device is at the end of its life, we can still extract value from it. We erase the sensitive data, extract the valuable materials, and recycle the raw materials. This helps us to contribute to a circular economy together.
Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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