Device as a Service benefits

Our Device as a Service: always functional, sustainable, secure, and current devices, reducing complexity and costs, for a seamless user experience.

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  • Transparent and predictable costs
  • Lower implementation costs
  • Pay for use, not for ownership
  • Cost savings and added value, clearly demonstrated by CITg
  • No upfront investments (with leasing)
  • Guaranteed high residual value (with a purchase option)
  • Clear and concise real-time reporting
  • Reduced administrative tasks
  • Precise process for intake and issuing documents, accurate CMDB input
  • Control over the use and efficient deployment of IT assets
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  • Automated inventory management
  • Direct communication with end users by CITg
  • End users select devices based on Personas
  • The right device for the right person at the right time and place
  • Inventory management, centralised and decentralised (Client location)
  • Provision of all issuance and return documentation
  • Inclusion of new Joiners and Leavers, circular utilisation of Devices
  • CITg Services manager monitors delivery
  • Support for adoption and onboarding and Floorwalker (Optional)
  • Data from old devices securely erased, GDPR Compliant
  • Break-fix support provided by CITg Specialists
  • Short turnaround time, proactive stock management (Including SWAP stock)


  • Easily schedule your own delivery appointment
  • Delivery at a time and location of your choice, including at a private address
  • Personal selection of devices based on personas
  • Selection includes accessories
  • On-site installation/completion of accessories and cables
  • Collection of old devices with data securely erased, GDPR compliant!
  • Starter kits, quick reference cards, instructional videos, and support with initial use
  • Break-fix support for continuity
  • Exchange and issuance of devices and/or accessories 24/7 via self-service IT Kiosk/IT Locker
  • Floorwalkers (On-Site Support) available during startup to assist you

Who is Device as a Service the perfect solution for?

  • Businesses looking to refresh their hardware, perhaps as part of digital transformation.
  • Businesses aiming to tailor their IT facilities precisely to employees’ desires and needs
  • Businesses seeking control over the management of end-user hardware.
  • CIOs or IT managers who wish to relieve their IT team.
  • Businesses experiencing fluctuations in their workforce.
  • Businesses lacking sufficient expertise and/or manpower.
  • International businesses aiming for harmonization and rationalization.
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Acquisition options

Going for a Device as a Service (DaaS) usage model for IT-hardware brings several sustainability perks:

  • Minimizes e-waste through structured device recycling and responsible recycling.
  • Optimizes device usage, by maximizing the utility of devices
  • Encourages device repair, extending product lifespan.
  • Simplifies IT-management, reducing unnecessary device accumulation.
  • Circular Economy:  Devices find new life within the DaaS program, reducing need for new devices.
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