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Extended Lifecycle Management

Company laptops tend to be replaced by new ones every three to four years. But did you know around 1,200 kilos of mined metal-containing earth and almost 200,000 litres of water are used to produce a single laptop?

The productive lifespan of well-designed modern devices is seven years. So, let’s change the way we manage laptops and other digital devices for the greater good.

Extending the lifecycle from three to seven years is an economic, social and environmental win.

Extending the lifecycle beyond three or four years makes perfect sense, considering 80% of the carbon footprint is related to production. Each extended year is near net zero for our planet.

Maintaining, refurbishing, repurposing and remanufacturing is what we do. We have one keyword: happiness. It’s about happy co-workers, customers, citizens, climate and compliance.

And because it’s also more economical, we’ve added a sixth C to the equation: happy cash flow to cover the reduced of the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Extended Lifecycle Management Hardware

Our 4 steps to happiness:

There are four stages to the extended lifecycle management of laptops and other end-user devices like tablets and smartphones has four subsequent stages: acquire, deploy, manage, and refresh.

1. Acquire

A new generation of circular laptops, tablets, smart phones and other IT-devices are sourced based on performance, price, financing options and the environmental footprint (in kilograms CO₂eq)

Results in:

  • Happy Cash Flow
  • Happy Climate
  • Happy Co-workers
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Lifecycle Management Acquire

2. Deploy

We provide and swap circular laptops, mobile phones and other devices to your employees. Our digital deployment workflow is secure, user-friendly and addresses employee experience needs.

Results in:

  • Happy Co-workers
  • Happy Compliance
  • Happy Customers
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Lifecycle Management Deploy

3. Manage

We handle break/fix, handle warranty-related issues and manage and track endpoints to ensure availability, user productivity and satisfaction. Step by step, we start provisioning circular devices within your organization and reduce the TCO and environmental footprint.

Results in:

  • Happy Co-workers
  • Happy Cash Flow
  • Happy Climate
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Lifecycle Management Manage

4. Refresh

At the end of their life, devices are always data-cleaned, checked, and repaired if possible. We extend their lifecycle for a circular second life for social or commercial purposes, or dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Results in:

  • Happy Citizens
  • Happy Climate
  • Happy Compliance
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Lifecycle Management Refresh

Choose happiness and switch to

Extended Lifecycle Management

With Extended Lifecycle Management, your company is ready for the future. Contact us and let’s make your co-workers, customers, climate and cash flow happy!

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