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Data erasure

Protect your business, data & compliance. Eliminate sensitive data from IT assets. Avoid leaks, choose secure data erasure.

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Data breaches: a compliance nightmare

A minor data breach can have catastrophic consequences for your organisation. Regulatory fines, damaged reputations and lawsuits are just a few of the potential repercussions.

Traditional data deletion methods like formatting simply aren’t secure enough.

Our secure data erasure services with Blancco ensure complete data removal, meeting the strictest industry compliance standards and giving you peace of mind.

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What is data erasure?

Data erasure is the process of permanently removing all data from a storage device.

This ensures that no unauthorized person can recover the data, even with sophisticated data recovery tools.

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data erasure

Our data erasure services:

Software erasure:

Securely erase data from hard drives, SSDs and other storage devices using Blancco’s industry standard software.

data erasure

Physical destruction:

For maximum security, we offer physical destruction services for all kind of data storage devices.

hard drive shredding

Data erasure for mobile devices:

Ensure your company phones and tablets are also completely wiped clean before disposal.


Custom erasure solutions:

We can develop a customized data erasure plan to meet your specific requirements.

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Why choose Circular IT group for data erasure?

We go beyond simply erasing data. CITg is committed to provide the most secure, environmentally responsible and data-centric data erasure solutions available.

  • Guaranteed data removal: We use Blancco industry-leading data wiping methods that meet or exceed international data security standards.
  • Compliance expertise: Our services, based om more than 30 years of experience, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.
  • Global covarage: with our EU service centers and our partners we deliver data wiping services around the whole world.
  • Fast and efficient: Our data erasure processes are quick and efficient, minimizing downtime for your business.
  • Peace of mind: With CITg, you can rest assured that your data is truly erased and permanently protected.
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Why data erasure?

Prevent data breaches:

  • Protect your company from the financial and reputational damage of a data breach.

Reduce data liability:

  • Minimize your risk of non-compliance with data privacy regulations.

Safeguard information:

  • Ensure confidential business data and customer information are permanently removed.

Promote sustainability:

  • Responsible data erasure helps reduce e-waste by allowing for safe device reuse.

How our data erasure process works:


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Share the specifics about the data carriers you want to erase, your preferred method of erasure and specify a date.

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Or: on-site erasure

We’ll come to you and handle the data erasure right there.

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Or: pick-up and transport

We pick up your hardware with our own secure transport and take it to our service centre.

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Data destruction

Per our agreement, we’ll either securely erase or physically shred your data, making it unrecoverable.

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Reporting and certificates

You’ll receive detailed reports and data erasure certificates, confirming your data has been securely destroyed.

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FAQ: Data erasure

  • What is data erasure?

    Permanently Remove Data: Understanding Data Wiping

    Data erasure, also known as data wiping, permanently removes information from storage devices in computers, laptops, servers, and beyond. This critical process safeguards data for several reasons:

    Improving data security: Erasure eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information, protecting your privacy and preventing data breaches.
    Regulation adherence: Data erasure ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR by guaranteeing secure disposal of personal data.
    Responsible IT management: When redeploying or selling IT equipment (including donations), data wiping / erasure protects prior user information and promotes responsible asset management.

  • What is the difference between data erasure and data destruction?

    Data erasure involves erasing data from the data carrier by means of software. This is the most circular option because the data carrier is reusable after this. Since the data is not recoverable, you can reuse or sell the data carrier itself.

    In data destruction, a data carrier is physically destroyed by the shredder. As a result, the data cannot be recovered, but the data carrier is also no longer usable.