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IT Lifecycle Management

We’ve introduced a better approach to IT. Our innovative IT Lifecycle Management will help you procure, deploy, manage and replace your IT hardware sustainably.

Through the right acquisition options and equipment choices upfront, clever management, lifecycle extension and optimisation, we achieve optimal results with our Lifecycle Management.

Step into the circle wherever you want

Our Lifecycle Management solutions are both circular and modular. Simply start with what you need. Then as your demand grows, you can seamlessly integrate more services.


Need to purchase IT hardware but have a limited budget? We offer smart financing options, so you can easily purchase the right equipment at the right time.

Our options
Lifecycle Management Acquire


The perfect mix of IT hardware. Custom-configured and ready to use. Delivered directly to you in the office or at the user’s home address. And once your gear is delivered, registration is smooth and transparent. You’ll barely need to lift a finger.

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Lifecycle Management Deploy


Our advanced Lifecycle Management platform provides total transparency and control throughout the life of the device. You also benefit from a detailed technical and financial overview, helping you keep all your IT hardware in check and ensuring productivity, security and compliance.

Stay in control
Lifecycle Management Manage


With our ISO-certified service, you don’t have to worry about replacing your IT hardware or disposing of your old IT equipment responsibly. From procurement to replacement, you can do it all on our Lifecycle Management Platform.

Replace without worry
Lifecycle Management Refresh

Lifecycle Management: longer lifetime, lower costs

Lifecycle Management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of your IT equipment, from procurement to replacement. By optimising and redeploying IT equipment, you can significantly extend its life. The sustainable choice for your organisation, while saving you money.

Reduce IT costs

Looking to spend less on IT? Then let us take care of Lifecycle Management for your devices. Whether procuring, deploying, maintaining or replacing a device, it all runs seamlessly.

Improve compliance

Prevention is better than cure. Reduce risks, prevent fines and protect your reputation by making sure you meet all the legal requirements.

Manage your assets

Monitor each device in your organisation by tracking its location, owner and status. Boost efficiency and protect your organisation from expensive losses and data theft.
Lifecycle Management Platform

Be more sustainable

Our smart Lifecycle Management solution helps make devices more sustainable by extending their life, refurbishing and redeploying them.
Extended Lifecycle Management

The positive impact of circular IT

Want to know what impact your IT equipment has on the environment? With us, you can calculate your impact in advance of replacing your IT equipment or keeping it in use for longer. We consider all the relevant factors, such as years deployed, energy consumption, CO₂ emissions and e-waste.

Our Lifecycle Management solutions, services and hardware always provide you with a clear impact report. This shows you exactly how much you have saved in CO₂ and e-waste, so you can measure your impact on the environment and improve it. Plus, you can use this information in your CSR reporting.

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See how much you’ll save

Discover how much CO₂, energy and e-waste your organisation can save with circular IT. And see what cost savings that could mean for you.

Calculate your impact
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