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Secure, compliant, and sustainable.

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

Maximise the value of your surplus IT equipment by giving it a second life. Showcase your sustainability commitment and tighten up data security and compliance.

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Safe and responsible IT Asset Disposition

With our eco-conscious IT Asset Disposition, we take care of everything – ensuring data security and reducing your costs, while recovering value responsibly.

  • Minimise e-waste, conserve resources
  • Ensure data destruction, maintain compliance
  • Reduce costs, recover value
  • Boost image, demonstrate ethics
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Buyback - IT Asset recovery

Turn your surplus of IT hardware into cash! We buy your hardware and offer you an attractive residual value for your used IT equipment. Safe selling and disposal, hassle-free!

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IT Asset recovery

Data wiping

Protect your organisation with certified data wiping. Avoid accidental data leaks, protect your reputation and prevent penalties. Ensure your IT hardware is disposed of securely.

Data wiping

Data destruction

Confidential data often remains on a storage device, even if you format the hard drives yourself. With our industrial shredder, your storage devices and data are destroyed. Forever.

Data destruction

Data center decommisioning

Specialist, secure, hassle free. Our team efficiently dismantles servers, racks and cables. Benefit from on-site data erasure, certified recycling and a high return on your surplus datacenter equipment.

Data center Decommissioning

IT Recycling

Got old computers, laptops or other IT gear you’re not using anymore? CITg is your go-to expert in IT recycling. Your old hardware is in good hands. with our expertise in data destruction and data removal, your data is always 100% secure.

IT recycling

What is ITAD?

IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) is the process of securely disposing of outdated or unwanted IT hardware like laptops, computers, servers and mobile devices. The goal is to recycle or refurbish items responsibly, while ensuring data security. Compliance with legal regulations is key.

Circular IT group ensures secure data wiping and environmentally friendly recycling. We also help you with asset recovery, turning your old tech into new opportunities. A smart move for both security and sustainability.

Circular IT group specialises in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services, including surplus IT equipment disposal, data centre dismantling, certified data deletion and computer recycling. We handle global disposal for medium to large organisations, trusted by over 90 multinationals. Transparent reporting and eco-friendly.

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ITAD IT Asset Disposition

Our ITAD locations

United Kingdom

What kind of IT hardware do we buy?

We buy your used business IT equipment. Please check whether the hardware you want to sell still works, is complete and in a good condition.

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Networking equipment
  • Servers and Storage

ITAD process

Circular IT equipment


Call +31 (0) 88 – 990 7500 or fill in the form below to get started.

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We pick up your surplus hardware at your location at the time we agree.



We take your hardware away using our own secure transport.

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All your hardware is registered upon arrival.

Secure data removal

Certified Data Wiping

All data is wiped from your hardware securely.

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Preparation for a second life

We give your old hardware a second life.

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Reporting and payment

You receive data wiping certificates, a detailed report and the agreed residual value.

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Press release 2023 CSRD Impact Report

Zoetermeer, 30 May. Leading the charge in sustainable IT solutions, Circular IT group is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural 2023 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and Directive (CSRD) Impact Report, "Road to a circular future". This document marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainability and the circular economy within the IT sector.

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FAQ: IT Asset Disposition

  • What is the difference between IT asset recovery and IT asset disposition?

    IT asset recovery (ITAR) and IT asset disposition (ITAD) are two closely related terms that are often used interchangeably, but they have distinct meanings.

    IT Asset Recovery

    IT asset recovery encompasses the entire process of managing the end-of-life lifecycle of IT assets, from identifying and securing them to data destruction, recycling or repurposing, and finally, disposal. It’s a comprehensive approach that aims to maximize the value of IT assets while ensuring data security and environmental sustainability.

    IT Asset Disposition

    IT asset disposition (ITAD) specifically refers to the disposal of IT assets, including physical destruction, shredding, or recycling. It’s a crucial step in the ITAR process, ensuring that sensitive data is permanently erased and that the assets are handled responsibly to minimize environmental impact.

  • How to Dispose of Old IT Assets?

    Disposing of old IT assets (ITAD) responsibly and efficiently is crucial for both environmental sustainability and data security. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

    1. Data Sanitization: Ensure all sensitive data is completely erased. Use certified data destruction methods like software wiping, degaussing, or physical destruction.
    2. Assessment for Reuse: Evaluate if the IT assets can be refurbished or repurposed. Reusing helps reduce e-waste and supports a circular IT model.
    3. Recycling: If reuse isn’t viable, recycle the assets. Partner with certified e-waste recyclers who adhere to environmental regulations and ethical recycling practices.
    4. Documentation: Maintain a record of the disposal process for compliance and auditing purposes. This includes data destruction certificates and recycling receipts.
    5. Stay Informed: Regulations and best practices for IT asset disposal evolve. Stay updated to ensure compliance with the latest standards.


    For professional assistance, contact the ITAD experts of Circular IT group. They can manage the end-to-end process of IT asset disposal for you.

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Circular IT Expert

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