October 04, 2023

How we can make IT circular together

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Together, we can make IT equipment circular. The following steps from the Utrecht Sustainability Institute’s 10R model for circularity all contribute to this.

Together, we can explore what is the best solution for your organisation.

  1. Refuse: we extend the lifespan so you don’t have to buy a new one.
  2. Rethink: we offer more sustainable alternatives in terms of product and service.
  3. Reduce: we reduce the amount of e-waste through lifetime extension and Device as a Service. You can also rent the hardware you need from us instead of buying it. This contributes to a longer lifespan through regular upgrades and for responsible reuse and recycling. Read more
  4. Reuse: we make IT equipment ready for use again so another colleague can use it.
  5. Repair: we can repair IT equipment and replace parts.
  6. Refurbish: we recondition and resell used IT equipment.
  7. Remanufacture: we recover parts, which can be given a second life.
  8. Repurpose: we help give used devices a second life at a charity. Read more
  9. Recycle: we ensure that materials from old IT hardware are recycled responsibly, recovering raw materials.
  10. Recover: we work with partners who process residual streams in a safe way, recovering energy.


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We offer solutions that can be adapted and extended as needed, for example when our working habits change, such as when you start working from home. We do this by providing you with IT equipment that is configured and ready to use.

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Circular IT Expert

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