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The way we use IT today is no longer sustainable. Our society needs someone to drive change. That’s where we come in! Together with our customers and partners, we have embarked on a sustainable transformation, and there’s no looking back. As trailblazers we are breaking the vicious circle of treating IT like a disposable product. Instead, we are making IT truly circular.

Our story

We make IT circular

At the Circular IT group, we work with our partners to manage the entire lifecycle of IT equipment and lead the global transition to circular IT. Thanks to our unique approach, we significantly extend the lifecycle of IT hardware. A breath of fresh air, with decades of experience.

Circular IT provides a simple and efficient way to reduce your environmental footprint. We help your organisation and people make conscious decisions about how to use IT equipment responsibly – with a portfolio of solutions, services and products that demonstrably reduce CO2 emissions and cut down on e-waste.

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Part of Circular IT group

A diverse group of IT organisations with one mission. Since Circular IT group was founded in 2022, we have welcomed quite a few wonderful organisations to our family. Our common goal: we make IT circular. All our labels work with one or more aspects of circular IT. Let us take you through our journey, which has only just begun!

  • Jan 2024Re-Tek

    Re-Tek, since 1996, offers a wide range of services to assist with all aspects of IT Lifecycle Management. From purchasing, asset recovery and redeploying IT equipment, to secure data deletion and shredding of data carriers.

    At Re-Tek, we unlock the value of your IT, from “cradle to grave.” Our IT solutions prevent IT from being unnecessarily discarded.

  • Feb 2023emXcore

    Specialist (since 2011) in refurbished networking hardware. emXcore has been supplying high-end refurbished Juniper Networks and Arista Networks data centre solutions to customers worldwide for more than a decade.

    Alex Beverwijk, founder emXcore: “Together with the Circular IT group, we can further strengthen our leading position in the field of refurbished Juniper and Arista and expand our service portfolio. This will allow us to serve our customers even better and, in the process, contribute to the transformation to a circular economy in our industry.”

  • Feb 2023CTG Circular

    CTG Circular (since 2000) offers a sustainable solution for used ICT material: from collection to data erasure and repair of old hardware.

    Olivier Vanden Eynde, founder CTG Circular: “Circular economy today is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-do. To reinforce the transition underway and make circular IT mainstream, we need cross-border cooperation to offer regional solutions for companies, governments and multinationals.”

    CTG Circular
  • Oct 2022iUsed Stores

    iUsed Stores consists of business and consumer webshops for refurbished devices. Including iUsed as the refurbished Apple specialist in the Benelux for consumers and business customers. From purchase and service during use, to buy-in, trade-in and safe disposal of IT equipment after use. The web shops Swoop and RefurbishedDirect are also part of iUsed Stores.

    iUsed Stores
  • Oct 2022Digital Deploy

    Digital Deploy (since 2021) offers control over the entire device lifecycle with smart software. It is the simple solution for Device Lifecycle Management. A smart digital project manager for the full lifecycle of devices.

    Digital Deploy
  • Oct 2022ITdonations

    ITdonations Foundation (since 2007) makes donating the residual value of old business hardware to a charity of your choice easy, transparent and safe. More than 3 million euros have already been donated to over 200 charities from the foundation.

  • Oct 2022CTC IT Solutions

    CTC (since 2004) specialises in IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) services such as disposal of surplus IT equipment, data centre dismantling, certified data disposal, data carrier destruction, buy-back, remarketing and computer recycling. Always including clear reporting, official certificates and environmentally responsible.

    CTC IT Solutions
  • Oct 2022NEG-ITSolutions

    Specialist in device lifecycle management and circular IT solutions.

    Gerard Aldus, founder NEG: “Since 1993, we have been building Device Lifecycle Management solutions with the NEG Group. Now we can strengthen our DaaS proposition with the Circular IT group’s refurbished IT equipment offering. This way, we can contribute even more to a sustainable world.”

  • Sep 2022TellusRem

    Danish company TellusRem (since 2011) supplies new and refurbished laptop keyboards for the European market. Thus, they facilitate and speed up the refurbishment and refurbishment of laptops.

    Morten Hvitved, founder of TellusRem: “Together with the Circular IT group, we have the resources to realise all the potential I see in the market.”

  • Aug 2022IRENT

    European market leader in the rental and as-a-Service provision of servers, storage, networking, appliances and devices with more than 20 years of experience.

    Ivo de Heus, Managing Director IRENT: “As part of Circular IT Group, we can offer our European customers a full service and complete circular IT solution.”

  • Jul 2022Aliter

    Aliter Networks (since 2009) provides companies with effective solutions to improve their ROI through the implementation of Circular IT. It provides reliable, pre-owned networking equipment, servers and storage in more than 133 countries.

    Zimin Chen, Sales Director Aliter Networks: “Over the past few years, we have worked hard to provide our international customers with good sustainable networking solutions.”

  • Jul 2022Mr.@ Online Computershop

    Mr.@ (pronounced: Mister Ed) has existed since 1998 and has grown into one of the Netherlands’ largest internet shops in the field of used computer hardware. Every day, Mr.@ sends many orders to satisfied home users, schools and companies.

    Mr At
  • Jul 2022Cirres

    Benelux’s smartest business IT supplier. Since 1998, Cirres has been providing a solution for businesses looking to meet their green IT goals. They do this by refurbishing short-used, high-quality IT hardware and giving it a second life.

  • Jul 2022Maxicom IT Distribution

    Maxicom (since 1998) is a Circular IT distributor focusing on the European reseller channel. It is the procurement partner for the entire Circular IT group.

    Jean-Pierre Verhoeven, interim CEO Maxicom IT Distribution: “We have been active in this market for more than 20 years, but in recent years we have seen companies focus more and more clearly on the sustainability aspect of their IT strategy.”

    Maxicom IT Distribution
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Circular IT group people are driven, hard-working professionals committed to a greener planet. Together we are building a culture where you are truly valued and can be who you are. The impact we achieve together to make our world a little greener is enormous. We support society as we drive the transition to 100% circular IT hardware.

And the key to our success is… you!

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Need to replace or get rid of excess IT equipment? Then donate the residual value of your old company hardware to a charity of your choice.

The ITdonations Foundation is an initiative of Circular IT group and makes donating easy, transparent and secure.

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