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Our circular IT portfolio encompasses sustainable IT solutions, services and circular hardware. The components align seamlessly, allowing entry and expansion at any point, tailored to your needs.

Moreover, various procurement methods are available, providing flexibility to suit your unique requirements.


We manage, maximise and extend the lifecycle of your IT hardware. Reduce carbon and e-waste, and lower costs through reuse, refurbishment and efficiency.

  • IT Lifecycle Management
    Maximise efficiency with IT hardware lifecycle management! From procurement to disposal, we drive efficiency, compliance and eco-friendly performance. Read more
  • IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)
    Dispose of surplus IT equipment responsibly and securely. From certified data removal to recycling and circularity, we handle IT for you! Read more
  • Lifecycle Management Platform
    Our smart platform for the entire lifecycle of all your personal computing devices. We make it easy to source, deploy, manage and renew all your devices, so you can focus on your business. Read more
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IT Lifecycle Services

Logistical, installation and support services enhance sustainability and productivity, letting your IT department focus on core business goals.

  • Advice and consultancy
    Leverage the full potential of your IT equipment. Our experts guide you through selection, implementation and management. Read more
  • Logistics and installation
    Experience smart, carefree logistics & installation for your business hardware. We handle the details, so you can focus on the bigger strategic issues. Read more
  • Deployment
    For a flawless rollout where the IT equipment arrives at your end users ready to use. We leave nothing to chance. Read more
  • Hardware Support
    Looking to maximise your hardware life? Trust us for support and reliability. Boost your hardware's life with our extensive range of hardware support services! Read more
  • IT Asset Disposal services (ITAD)
    Optimize your IT lifecycle with our secure and environmentally friendly ITAD services. We take care of everything. Read more
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IT hardware

Choose from our new or circular IT hardware for reliability, optimal TCO and a sustainable future through maximum hardware utilisation.

  • Personal Computing
    Discover a range of new and circular laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets all in one place. Choose sustainability without compromise. Read more
  • Server & Storage
    Trust our reliable, flexible server and storage solutions for secure data management, ensuring a solid, cost-effective solution and a more sustainable future. Read more
  • Networking Infrastructure
    Explore our selection of refurbished networking solutions from top brands like Juniper, Arista and Cisco. We’ll help you find a sustainable and reliable solution for your network. Read more
All IT hardware

Acquisition options

We offer the most flexible IT hardware ownership options so you can always meet the needs and budget of your organisation.

  • As a Service
    The best IT hardware for your organisation at a fixed monthly price, with all services included. Clear costs you can count on. Read more
  • Buy
    Take full ownership, without any time limits or recurring costs. Buying IT hardware offers clear financial gains: reduced long-term expenses, asset appreciation and budget certainty. Read more
  • Rent
    Rent IT equipment temporarily for seamless operations and transitions. Stay agile without breaking the bank. Read more
  • Lease
    Leasing IT hardware offers financial flexibility, improves cash flow and potential tax benefits, and optimises financial management for your businesses. Read more
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Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

Need tailored advice or have questions?

Our circular IT experts are happy to talk through our portfolio with you for a customized offer.