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IT Lifecycle Services

Our IT lifecycle services help you maximise the value and availability of your IT assets, from procurement to disposal.

We offer advice and consultancy, logistics and pre-configuration, deployment, maintenance and support, as well as IT asset disposition (ITAD) services.

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Advice and consultancy

Unlock the full potential of your devices with our seasoned experts. We guide you through device selection, efficient deployment, and management – covering everything from logistics to onboarding and security.

Why choose between sustainability and savings when you can have both?

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Logistics and configuration

Streamline your device deployment and help new hires adapt fast with our end-to-end logistics and configuration services. Get teams up and running instantly, from warehousing, configuration and asset tagging to device registration (CMDB).

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Ensure a flawless rollout with devices arriving ready to use, right in the hands of your end-users. From comprehensive planning to home delivery, onboarding support and equipment administration, we leave nothing to chance with our project and service management.

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Maintenance and support

User productivity and satisfaction drive your success; we make them our mission. Whether it’s rapid response to  workspace issues with break/fix support, swapping devices already in stock  rapidly replacing devices through our IT-Lockers or reconditioning used devices for incoming talent, we optimise every asset. Cut costs and drive sustainability.

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IT Asset Disposition services

Streamline your IT lifecycle with our secure and eco-friendly IT Asset Disposition services. We prioritise sustainability, data security and value recovery for end-of-life hardware. Make your IT sustainable with us. We take care of everything.

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"Everyone got up and running within half an hour"

Ron Roozeboom, Eneco

Flexible acquisition options

We offer the most flexible IT hardware ownership options, so you can always meet the needs and budget of your organisation.


Take full ownership, without any time limits or recurring costs. Buying IT hardware offers clear financial gains: reduced long-term expenses, asset appreciation and budget certainty.
Acquisition options


The best IT hardware for your organisation at a fixed monthly price, with all services included. Clear costs you can count on.
Acquisition options


Rent IT equipment temporarily for seamless operations and transitions. Stay agile without breaking the bank.
IT Rental


Leasing IT hardware offers financial flexibility, improves cash flow and potential tax benefits, and optimises financial management for your businesses.
Acquisition options

“When software is eating the world, hardware has to grow a conscious.”

Marc Andreessen once wrote the visionary statement “software is eating the world”. With the expansion and extensive use of artificial intelligence, IT’s energy footprint is growing faster than ever before. As software rules our world, we must ensure that hardware is used in a more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way.

That is the aim of the Circular IT group: to promote the sustainable use of laptops, servers, networks and other hardware. We provide the answers for extended lifecycle management of IT equipment.

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Circular IT Expert

Optimise your IT

Enjoy your IT devices for life with our IT Lifecycle services.

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