Complete the circle with responsible re-deployment, while ensuring your data is deleted securely and maximising your device resale value. We will guide you in selecting your next circular IT devices, based on user data, feedback and our tailor-made financing options.


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Replace your devices responsibly

Your IT devices won’t last forever. When their time is up, we complete their lifecycle by giving them a second (or even third) life and redeploying them. But not until all data has been deleted carefully and securely.

Compliance comes first

We eliminate security risks by erasing all data from your legacy devices. We will then find them a new owner and give them a second or even third life.

Protect your investment

Maximise the residual value of your devices effortlessly. We manage everything from asset recovery and data deletion to approval and return of leased assets to the leasing company

Sustainable replacement

When it’s time to replace your tech, trust our expertise in circular IT together with your own user data. Our knowledge and your figures combined will lead to the most sustainable choice of device.

IT Asset Disposition

Your devices, our expertise

We help you dispose of, recycle, reuse or sell your IT equipment at the end of its lifecycle – securely and responsibly.

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Zoetermeer, 30 May. Leading the charge in sustainable IT solutions, Circular IT group is thrilled to announce the release of its inaugural 2023 Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and Directive (CSRD) Impact Report, "Road to a circular future". This document marks a significant milestone in our commitment to promoting sustainability and the circular economy within the IT sector.

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