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Lifecycle Management Platform

Master today’s IT challenges: streamline your device lifecycle for better security, compliance and user experience!

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Total control

Dive into unparalleled efficiency with our comprehensive platform. From the moment of acquisition to end-of-life decisions, we offer effortless deployment, seamless management and renewal options in good time for all your devices. Experience a solution that truly understands your device lifecycle needs.

  • Full control and insight over the lifecycle of devices
  • Significantly relieves IT’s workload
  • Powers better user experiences
  • First-class data security and compliance
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Our platform in 8 easy steps

Boost operational efficiency and drive sustainability with our smart lifecycle management platform: streamline inventory, simplify device choices, optimise planning, secure transitions, manage devices, utilise a digital kiosk, access transparent reports and prioritise satisfaction.

1. Inventory check

All your employees are asked electronically what devices they own. This ensures the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is brought up to date easily.

2. Device selection

Employees choose devices from a portal, with options set by your organisation. Our software automates requests, approvals and orders, saving IT time and boosting employee engagement.

3. Planning & delivery

After choosing their device, users select the delivery time and location, including home delivery. They can also return old equipment to the courier immediately.

4. Issue & return

New devices are pre-configured for employees, so there’s no need for IT support before use. Old device data is deleted securely. All details are registered in our software, ensuring security and compliance.

5. Device management

Our platform helps businesses to efficiently manage and track their devices throughout their lifecycle. With our software, you can effortlessly maintain control over issue, repair and return of your devices. It offers real-time notifications for potential malfunctions. Stay informed about the locations of devices, their users and their operational statuses. Experience superior device lifecycle management, reduce data breach risks and ensure seamless operations.

6. Digital kiosk

Sometimes, employees may need extra accessories like bags, charging cables, mice or headsets. They can order these through a web portal using their work login, where a curated selection is available. The accessories chosen will then be delivered to their preferred address.

7. Reporting

Our software keeps everything digitally streamlined. Your IT team always knows the status, user and location of each device. Stay informed about repair durations and the rollout of new devices with complete transparency. This allows for swift adjustments and keeps your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) up to date. So your IT team is always in the know, whether it's about devices in use, in stock, under repair or retired. Serial numbers, return names, loan agreements – you've got everything covered seamlessly.

8. Customer satisfaction

The streamlined workflow guarantees precision and structure in every task. To enhance efficiency even further, we gauge user satisfaction with our services. This feedback drives us to continuously improve, ensuring even higher user satisfaction.

Master IT

Unchecked devices in homes or offices expose organisations to data breaches and unnecessary costs. Gain full oversight over every device’s lifecycle, safeguarding data and eliminating needless expenses.


  • Full command over IT assets
  • Minimise data threats
  • Avoid extra tech purchases

Reduce IT

Global IT device demand is surging. With our smart platform, you can extend laptop lifespans beyond 4 years, reducing your carbon footprint, IT waste and costs. Make informed, data-driven decisions.

  • Reduced carbon footprint through extended usage
  • Minimised electronic waste
  • Cost savings from longer asset lifespan

Prevent IT

Proactively monitor your IT devices to detect potential issues early. Act before a device fails, ensuring uninterrupted productivity and enhancing user experience.

  • Prioritise proactive device protection over reactive fixes
  • Spot issues before they escalate
  • Enhance device longevity and consistent performance

Personalise IT

Let users choose between new or circular laptops. Boost engagement and show you really care. Whether new or circular, you will be maximising the lifecycle.

  • Enhance employee satisfaction with device options
  • Save more with circular equipment
  • Reduce e-waste, choose eco-friendly

Digital Deploy

Take control of all your IT devices

Take control of the entire lifecycle of your devices with our smart software. Having greater visibility of your device fleet takes the pressure off your IT department.

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