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Do you have used servers that you want to sell?

We are happy to buy your servers! We are looking for all brands of servers and models up to 6 years old.

Why sell your servers?

  • Quick and easy: Call us on +31 (0) 88 – 990 7500 or fill in the form below.
  • Fair price: We offer a fair price for your servers, based on the current market value.
  • Everything arranged: We collect the obsolete servers from you and ensure data destruction according to the AVG-GDPR standard.
  • Sustainable: We reuse or recycle your servers in a responsible manner, with an eye for the environment.
  • We are especially interested in servers from HP, HPE, IBM, Sun and DELL, less than 6 years old.
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Selling your surplus servers can be beneficial for several reasons:

  • Cost Recovery: Recover some of the initial investment by selling unused servers, turning assets into capital.
  • Space Management: Free up valuable space in your facility that can be used more effectively for current needs.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Selling surplus servers for reuse or recycling aligns with sustainable practices, reducing e-waste.
  • Data Security: Properly disposing of surplus servers through a certified company ensures sensitive data is securely erased.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with environmental regulations and data protection laws related to IT asset disposition.

Selling servers is easy.

  • List the servers you wish to sell to us and receive a competitive offer quickly.  Upon your approval, we manage everything: we collect the old servers, meticulously register each one, securely erase all data, and thoroughly test the server.
  • You will then receive a detailed report from us, data deletion certificates, and, of course, a credit invoice.
  • We guarantee payment transfer within 5 working days.
  • Our NIWO and WEEELABEX certified process ensures safe transport, accurate registration, and proper billing for the servers you recycle.
  • The WEEELABEX standard also guarantees legal and responsible recycling of your obsolete hardware, a must for anyone in the server selling business.
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Selling servers and Data Destruction

When selling your old servers, it’s crucial to have your data carriers certifiedly wiped, especially due to the high risk of data breaches from residual data on hard drives or SSDs. Want more insight into the information destruction process on hard drives? Then take a look at our page about data destruction.

On-site Data Destruction

We also offer the service to destroy the data on your hard drives at your location. You can then witness how we shred the hard drives with our special shredder or destroy the data using Blancco software. This provides you with a secure and transparent solution for safely selling your servers.

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Sell your servers

sell servers

Which servers do we buy?

  • Rack, blade and tower servers
  • Servers from HP, HPE, IBM, Sun, and DELL
    • HP Proliant: DL320, DL360, DL380, DL385, DL580, DL585
    • HP C7000 – BL Blade Servers BL260C, BL460C, BL480C
    • Dell PowerEdge: R210, R310, R410, R510, R710
    • Dell PowerEdge M1000e, M600, M610, M710, 1855, 1955
    • IBM xSeries: x3250, x3550, x3650, X3850
    • IBM BladeCenter – HS20, HS21, HS22
  • Up to 6 years old
  • In good condition, working, and complete

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Which servers do we not buy?

  • Servers from individuals
  • Faulty or incomplete equipment
  • Older models that are inefficient in terms of power and cooling requirements

Selling servers in 7 steps


Get a free quote

Call +31 (0) 88 – 990 7500 or fill in the form below to get started.


Receive free proposal

We’ll send you a quote featuring a competitive residual value and transparent terms.

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Asset pick-up

Agree to our quote and we’ll arrange secure transport to collect your servers.

hard drive shredding

Secure data destruction

All data is securely erased using Blancco technology, leaving no recoverable information.

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Reporting and certificates

Receive comprehensive reports and certificates confirming data has been wiped.

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Get paid

The agreed-upon residual value is directly paid into your bank account.

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Second life

Old servers get a second life to significantly reduce e-waste and the need for new resource extraction.

FAQ: Sell servers

  • Do you buy specific brands or models of servers?

    We are interested in a wide range of server brands and models, from high-end tower servers and blades to rack servers. We prefer to purchase servers from HP Enterprise, IBM, Sun, and DELL. The HP Proliant, Dell PowerEdge, and Lenovo ThinkSystem are the most popular server models to sell.

  • How do you ensure the complete destruction of data when selling my servers?

    Your data security is our top priority. That’s why we employ certified data destruction methods that meet the highest industry standards. When  we buy your servers, we irreversibly destroy all data, either by physically destroying the hard drives or through advanced data deletion techniques. Every data destruction is always confirmed with an official certificate.

  • What does the process of selling servers involve?

    Our process of buying servers involves a thorough evaluation of your used servers based on their current condition, model, and specifications. We offer you an attractive residual value and ensure a smooth transfer. This process ensures that your surplus of servers are reused or recycled in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, in line with the principles of circular IT.

Circular IT Expert

Circular IT Expert

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