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Under the European Green Deal and the European Climate Law, the EU has committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050. That means reducing carbon emissions sharply in the coming decades. As an intermediate step towards climate neutrality, the EU has raised its ambition for 2030: CO2 emissions must be reduced by at least 55% compared to 1990 by that year. Source: European Council.

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Calculate your impact

It makes sense not always to buy new IT hardware. After all, this saves a lot of carbon emissions. In the calculator below, you can see exactly how much you save when you buy circular IT hardware.


1) Choose your product

  • Notebook
    Notebook: AverageNotebook: Larger than 14 inchNotebook: Smaller than 14 inchesNotebook: Hybrid
  • AIO
    AIO: MediumAIO: Screen larger than 24 inchAIO: Screen smaller than 24 inch
  • Desktop
    Desktop: MediumDesktop: USDTDesktop: SFFDesktop: Tower
  • Monitor
    Monitor: MediumMonitor: Smaller than 33 inchesMonitor: Larger than 33 inches
  • Printer
    Printer Average
  • Server
    Server Average
  • Handheld
    Handheld: MediumHandheld: Large tabletHandheld: Small TabletHandheld: Smartphone
  • Network
    Network AverageNetwork: Rack mounted (blade)Network: Rack mounted (large)

2) Determine the number.

3) Read off how much CO2 you save.

CO2 emissions

You avoided approximately this amount of CO₂ emissions.


Less KG CO2 emissions

Are you looking for the CO2 emissions of a specific piece of equipment?

Then please visit the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) pages of the IT suppliers.
Click on the logo of the supplier in question.

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Extended Lifecycle Management

With our extended portfolio of circular solutions, services and hardware we help organizations to reduce their footprint.

We make IT circular: we maximise the life of your IT hardware and minimise the impact on the environment and people. By making circular IT accessible to more users, we are working towards a more sustainable future for everyone.

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