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The way we use IT today is no longer sustainable. Our society needs someone to drive change. That’s where we come in! Together with our customers and partners, we have embarked on a sustainable transformation, and there’s no looking back. We are breaking the vicious circle of treating IT like a disposable product. Instead, we are making IT truly circular.

Traditional IT Lifecycle Management is evolving

With our innovative and sustainable IT Lifecycle Management, you can procure, deploy, manage and replace your IT equipment.

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Lifecycle Management Circular

How do you make IT truly circular?

With our approach to circular IT, you will get the maximum possible use out of your IT, reducing costs and – most importantly – cutting down the mountain of electronic waste.

Circular IT involves using, reusing, refurbishing and recycling IT equipment to maximise its life. This greatly reduces the need for new IT equipment, creating a much more sustainable environment.

Using IT hardware for longer is not just about extending its lifecycle, but also about managing all kinds of IT equipment efficiently throughout the journey, such as laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, servers, storage and networking equipment.

Why Circular IT?
Wieger Deknatel
“The Champions League for Climate Impact Officers is Scope 3”

Wieger Deknatel, ESG Manager CITg

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Discover how much CO₂ and e-waste your organisation can save with circular IT. And see what cost savings that could mean for you.

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